Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Knit List

Alright, I've seen this on a couple blogs, and I love lists, so I've got to do it too.

Black = done it
Green = want to do it
Yellow = maybe
Red = think I'll pass

  • Afghan
  • I-cord
  • Garter stitch
  • Knitting with metal wire
  • Shawl
  • Stockinette stitch
  • Socks: top-down
  • Socks: toe-up (on the needles)
  • Knitting with camel yarn
  • Mittens: Cuff-up
  • Mittens: Tip-down
  • Hat
  • Knitting with silk
  • Moebius band knitting
  • Participating in a KAL
  • Sweater
  • Drop stitch patterns
  • Knitting with recycled/secondhand yarn
  • Slip stitch patterns
  • Knitting with banana fiber yarn
  • Domino knitting
  • Twisted stitch patterns
  • Knitting with bamboo yarn
  • Two end knitting
  • Charity knitting
  • Knitting with soy yarn
  • Cardigan (this winter's planned sweater: central park hoodie)
  • Toy/doll clothing
  • Knitting with circular needles
  • Baby items
  • Knitting with your own handspun (spun it, but not knit with it yet)
  • Slippers
  • Graffiti knitting
  • Continental knitting (it's the only way to go!)
  • Designing knitted garments
  • Cable stitch patterns
  • Lace patterns
  • Publishing a knitting book
  • Scarf
  • Teaching a child to knit
  • American/English knitting (yes, but why bother)
  • Knitting to make money (not like a living wage or anything)
  • Buttonholes
  • Knitting with alpaca
  • Fair Isle knitting
  • Norwegian knitting....i'm not sure if i have or not because i don't know what the distinguishing feature is.
  • Dying with plant colors
  • Knitting items for a wedding
  • Household items
  • Knitting socks (or other small tubular items) on two circulars (perfectly pointless)
  • Olympic knitting
  • Knitting with someone else’s handspun yarn
  • Knitting with dpns
  • Holiday-related knitting
  • Teaching a male how to knit
  • Bobbles
  • Knitting for a living
  • Knitting with cotton
  • Knitting smocking
  • Dying yarn
  • Steeks
  • Knitting art - what does this even mean?
  • Fulling/felting
  • Knitting with wool
  • Textured knitting
  • Kitchener BO
  • Purses/bags
  • Knitting with beads
  • Swatching (even though I hate it)
  • Long Tail CO
  • Entrelac
  • Knitting and purling backwards
  • Machine knitting
  • Knitting with self patterning/self striping/variegating yarn
  • Stuffed toys
  • Knitting with cashmere
  • Darning
  • Jewelry
  • Knitting with synthetic yarn(Yuk!)
  • Writing a pattern
  • Gloves
  • Intarsia
  • Knitting with linen (i've used hemp though, which is very similar)
  • Knitting for preemies
  • Tubular CO
  • Freeform knitting
  • Short rows
  • Cuffs/fingerless mitts/armwarmers
  • Pillows
  • Knitting a pattern from an online knitting magazine
  • Rug
  • Knitting on a loom
  • Thrummed knitting
  • Knitting a gift
  • Knitting for pets
  • Shrug/bolero/poncho
  • Knitting with dog/cat hair, though there's plenty of cat hair in my knitting, i'm sure!
  • Hair accessories (if headbands count)
  • Knitting in public

Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Summer Vacation

So, me and Erik went to North Carolina for an extended weekend. Stopped at some yarn stores and vegan eateries on the way yum yum. So we get to our destination, Frisco, and set up in a lovely campground. Bellies still full of frozen custard and kinda tired, we go to sleep early....and then wake up 5 hours later in a puddle of water. This is the beginning of the 24 hours of unfortunate vacationing. Anyhow, we move to the car and sleep the rest of the night there. Fortunately, we are still very psyched about being on vacation and all, so we get up and head for the beach. The beach! It is the real destination of this trip! Yay! It's not exactly sunny outside, but the water is warm. It is also very windy. Isn't it always windy at the beach? Sure. So I play in the waves, it's fun...until my ears start to hurt. My poor sensitive ears. I am protecting them with earplugs and a scarf, but the manages to get inside somehow. So I sit on the beach with a towel draped over my head to protect my ears and play in the sand. There's not many people at the beach. Go in again, get knocked down by a couple waves, come out again, Erik and I build a sandcastle. I like the beach. It sucks that my ears hurt. Will Sarah never be able to have fun swimming in the ocean again? We go for a walk, come back, go in the water again. Then the officials tell us to get out of the water. The waves are getting too high. Bummer. On the way back to the car we get pelted by sand. Attacked. The beach is attacking us! It hurts. A lot of sand gets blown into the car. We go back to the campsite. No one else is camping. Hmm, maybe because it's Sunday. We dry our blankets out. Listen to the radio. Oh, a tropical storm is coming. Well.....hmmm.....I guess that would explain a lot of things. So, we upgraded to a little cabin so we wouldn't have to sleep in puddles and possibly be carried off by the wind. That settled, we set out to have ourselves a fabulous dinner that we had promised ourselves since we'd PB&Jd for lunch. We'd seen a copy of the menu for this place, they had some lovely pasta thing with mushrooms and capers and artichokes and tempura on sounded sooo yummy. Sounded. Not Tasted. They were closed. As was nearly everything else. Seriously, the only place open was Bubba's BBQ and you know how excited I was about that. Oh, well, we had a roof over our heads, some mediocre cornbread in our bellies, and super scrabble, it could have been a lot worse. And the next day, the sun was out, no sign of rain, we managed to find a beach with public showers so we wouldn't have to be covered in salt and sand all day and we spent a lovely morning-early afternoon at the beach! Smaller waves, cooler water and a LOT less wind!! No achy ears!! Sand castle with an actual moat and everything. Then we went off to explore the desert. Well, it looks like the desert anyways, except for there's a lot of footprints. It's really a giant sand dune, and it's really bright with all the light reflecting off the sand, which is why we look kinda funny in the picture, because we are trying to look at the camera without going blind. Anyhow, then we stopped in Asheville for the day on the way home and went to some nice yarn stores and tried to get vegan yummyness, although my top 3 choices were all closed. Rats! I did have some channa saag that rivaled Stitar's (in Nashville) for best ever, so that almost made up for it. Anyhow, a quick vacation, but fun and restful and thoroughly vacationlike.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Composed Mitts

These are colors I would not have picked out myself, but luckily there were a lot of partial skeins of Blue Sky Alpaca Sport lying around, so I only had one color to pick out and it had to match all the others. Anyhow, no doubt they are more beautiful and subdued than if I had picked out all 6 colors. Anyhow, it only took a week to make them and they were fun to knit, and they are soft and comfy. I look forward to wearing them next year (since they'll be hanging in the store for this season!)