Friday, February 13, 2009

40 Before 40

So I turned 30 the other day and one of my goals was to finish making my 40 before 40 list. I tried to keep it realistic. I will put the ones I have done in green.

  1. Road Trip down the west coast (it is acceptable to do this in a number of smaller road trips)

  2. Be on the price is right (being in the audience is acceptable)

  3. Procreate

  4. Procreate (again)

  5. A real vegetable garden that i plant myself in the back yard

  6. Chickens...that eat my compost

  7. Learn how to live so the house is not a complete wreck

  8. Off-the-Continent travel

  9. Unicycling...and the same time

  10. Get a knitting pattern published (in print)

  11. Get a knitting pattern published (online)

  12. Go on an out-of-country midwifery adventure

  13. Pay off store loan

  14. Build a midwifery practice of at least 20 births per year

  15. Learn to spin, or at least try

  16. Gainful self-employment (Gainful being the key word)

  17. Make the fabulous flower quilt

  18. Start a retirement plan

  19. Belly Dancing- do it

  20. Make a sweater

  21. Make an afghan

  22. Adopt a lasting exercise regimen at least 30 min 3 x a week.

  23. Reduce my resting pulse rate to 80 or less

  24. Replace my lawn with one of those kinds of lawns that you don't have to mow. (No, not astroturf, like a groundcover plant.)

  25. Remember to take the cloth bags to the grocery.

  26. Make a family tree

  27. Finish the hallway walls of photos

  28. Get rid of the motorhome

  29. Lower my footprint so that it only takes one Earth to sustain a planet of people like me.

  30. Knit one of those starts as a circle sweaters

  31. Become a CNM

  32. Neither own nor wear a powersuit. (So far, so good)

  33. Dance in Thriller (bonus goal- as a pregnant or baby-wearing zombie!!)

  34. Buy a house

  35. Maintain a healthy weight.

  36. Make/participate in a Home Birth float for the 4th of July Parade.

  37. Have a Christmas tree with ornaments and stockings in my house.

  38. Begin an Altzheimer's prevention regimen.

  39. Make priorities and set limits so that I am not overworking. (It's ok if I'm doing it now, and for about another year or so, but it's a temporary thing and I don't want to be doing it when I'm 40!)

  40. Knit enough socks so that I can wear handknit socks all the time!


Janis said...

#32... I was thinking "but it would be kind of cool, you could go into outer space or fight giant robots" and then I realized you meant something else.

Mama Jamie said...

i want to know more about your home birth float. we have a trailor we could build something on top of it.

Rachel said...

Belly Dancing is the greatest. There's a beginner class Tues at 6:30 or Saturday at 12:30. It's so worth it.